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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science



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Luanne Linnard-Palmer RN, MSN, EdD, CPN


Fever is a common symptom of illness. Compresses are used in other areas and countries for comfort. Sponging has been studied and shown to be effective in lowering temperatures. This is a study that investigates the use of lemon calf compresses as a nursing adjunct for fever treatment

The Purpose of this study is: What are the experiences of adult patients during a febrile illness of greater than 101.5 degrees F. with the addition of a lemon calf compress to current treatment?

Methods: This was prospective study with a quasi-experimental design. Ten patients identified with a fever greater than or equal to 101.f degrees F., were offered the option of receiving a lemon calf wrap in addition to their standard prescribed medical therapies. The study was conducted on patients in either the emergency department or a combined medical-surgical unit of a community hospital

Results: The lemon compresses were tolerated well by all participants. No adverse effects of allergic reaction, shivering or piloerection were reported. Comparison of mean temperatures demonstrated a continuous drop in temperature which was statistically significant at p=0.006. Other parameters that showed statistically significant change from pre treatment included skin temperature, face color and presence of headache.

Methods for dissemination include a report to be given to the hospital staff on the outcomes of the study, presentation to the university and Sigma Theta Tau Chapter. presentation of the research results to the Anthroposphical Nurses Association at their annual general meeting, as well as possible publication in an alternative nursing journal.

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