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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science

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Lisa Ray, PhD

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Debra Polack, MA


This study evaluates the effect of implementing the classroom management program Love and Logic in small, middle and high school science classrooms. It focuses on science classrooms from seventh grade to twelfth grade in a small, rural district. The student population includes large percentages of white and Hispanic individuals, with a smaller percentage of Native American individuals as well as a large percentage, over 60%, of socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. There were five cohorts, divided by type of science class and age, and the intervention was implemented by a multiple baseline across behaviors method. The cohorts were seventh grade life science, eighth grade physical science, freshmen (with a few older students) earth science, sophomore biology, and junior and senior chemistry. Student motivation was measured weekly by a sixteen question survey that each student in each class answered. The study found that Love and Logic does not improve motivation in middle and high school science classrooms and is unable to prevent a decline in motivation. The study concludes that Love and Logic needs to be studied more in middle and high school classrooms to find ways in which it can be implemented more effectively. The study encourages future research in professional development regarding the Love and Logic program including more time spent by teachers learning how to implement it and finding out the effects of school-wide or district-wide implementation.

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