Graduation Date


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Department or Program Chair

Mary Sevigny, PhD

First Reader

Roberta M. Madej, PhD, CLS., MB(ASCP), MBA

Second Reader

Maria C. DeSousa, JD, MPA, CLS


KRAS is a proto-oncogene which was first identified in Kirsten rat sarcoma virus. The normal KRAS protein performs an essential function in normal tissue signaling and a mutation of a KRAS gene is an essential step in the development of many cancers. Q-Clamp® KRAS codon specific mutation test is an in vitro real-time qualitative PCR assay for the detection of mutations in the targeted regions and KRAS mutation often serves as a useful marker in drug response. The Q-Clamp® KRAS codon specific mutation test experiment was performed using cell-free extracted DNA (cfDNA) instead of FFPE extracted DNA. The results of the experiment showed a clear difference in the Ct’s between the mutant and internal control. Since the delta Ct’s can be discriminated, the assay showed a positive feasibility of using a cfDNA in the Q-Clamp ® KRAS codon specific mutation test.