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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science

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Lisa Ray, PhD

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Debra Polack, MA


This study evaluated the effectiveness of reading intervention on California Standardized Test (CST) scores that was implemented in a rural community in Northern California. The study addressed the challenge of meeting the objective of increasing student performance in English language arts on the CST. Investigating whether or not there was a significant relationship between students receiving the intensive intervention and positive academic growth as it is measured on the CST is important for future implications of intervention programs at this site. The literature review focused on the process of adolescents acquiring literacy, differences in achievement within poor and rural communities, and effective intervention strategies. A new intervention curriculum was adopted for struggling students and this study focused on the effectiveness. The site is a small, rural and economically disadvantaged middle school. This study did not find significance between the intervention and an increase in the CST scores of students who were enrolled in the intervention.

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