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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science

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Elizabeth Truesdell PhD

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Madalienne F. Peters, EdD


As schools across the U.S. begin to implement Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM), teachers must shift their instructional practices from a traditional emphasis on procedures and algorithms to a conceptually based model in which students engage more meaningfully with mathematical concepts. The purpose of this study is to examine participants’ perspectives about the influence of CCSSM on their instructional practices, and the challenges they face in effectively implementing these changes. The literature reveals the need for professional development, standards aligned materials, and ongoing support of teachers in order for them to make substantial changes to their instructional approach. The study’s sample group consists of eleven K-8 teachers in a rural Northern California school. In this quantitative study, participants completed a short survey detailing their instructional shifts, and the challenges and successes they experienced in moving from procedures and practices to a more conceptually based instructional approach. Results indicate that participants are making instructional changes in mathematics; however, they report that their progress is being hampered by lack of quality professional development and CCSSM aligned curriculum.