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"We slept in the same bed just that once, memorably, as it was so unexpected: I knew Gus loved my best friend more. On the road trip up I had watched his eyes dolefully follow Jen’s footsteps as she walked away to take her turn at the restroom while I stayed back with him on his short leash; flirting, I admit, because, honestly, it felt like he couldn’t stand to be without Jen for even a minute so it felt safe to imagine the flirts would go nowhere. He even moaned a little as she went off without him though I could tell he also didn’t want to hurt my feelings, “third wheel” that I was on this journey north to Maine, stopping frequently at rest areas to let Gus relieve himself, always first, though no one mocked his extra neediness. Gus had his dignity, and we aimed to maintain it."

~story excerpt~