Graduation Date


Document Type

Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Arts

Primary Major

Humanities and Cultural Studies

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Second Minor


Program Director

Carlos Rodriguez, MA

Thesis Advisor

Thomas Burke, MFA


This is a podcast series about the immigrant experience in the United States. The series discusses immigration with a focus on women, at different stages of life and their involvement with the daunting transition into a different country and culture. The show will focus on one family, their close friends, and communities. It will also explore feminist themes through the lived experience of the people interviewed. Those who were interviewed have ties to central Mexico (Zacatecas, Jalisco, Michoacan) and Northern California. The Podcast host shares this experience and does one episode based entirely on her perspective as a daughter of immigrants. Initial interviews were conducted with herself and her family members and these took place in the Spring of 2022. Each episode varies between 20 to 30 minutes and features a different topic. The creator will continue to pursue this podcast idea after graduation.

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