Jeremy Gridley Father of the Boston Bar

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Spring 1946

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts

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Catholic University of America

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The purpose of the following brief sketch is to set forth as accurately and adequately us possible the history of one who, in a remarkable degree, demonstrates the advantages which accrue when family background and environment are augmented by proper training end strength of character.

Jeremy Gridley had been well-nigh forgotten because of the surge of Nationalism of Nativism which engulfed the struggling colonies and inundated the new-born states. Regardless of former service, anyone who failed to aid in overthrowing a government, whose unwise restrictions were galling to an enterprising people, was anathemitized. It is only recently - historically speaking - that this provincial outlook has been replaced by one of broader scope, and Americana can see good in and show gratitude to others not possessing the calibre of the Sons of Liberty.

The case of the writs of Assistance would have immortalized one who with clarity of logic and broadness of vision so valiantly upheld the supremacy of the law. Instead, the name of Jeremy Fridley was all but obliterated by the use the Massachusetts radicals made of the speech of the opposition, The extent of the authenticity of the widely acclaimed speech of Janes Otis has been adequately proved by Horace Grey from the Keith Manuscript. The complete argument is in the Appendix of Josiah Quincy’s Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged. Under other circumstances it would seem that the less emotional but sounder logical exposition of the older man would have been preserved to posterity.