Thesis Title

The Syntax of the Nominal Forms of the Verb in Livy Book XXXVII

Graduation Date

Spring 1944

Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Degree Name

Master of Arts

Degree Granting Institution

Catholic University of America

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It is the purpose of this study to present on investig­ation of Livy's use of the nominal forms of the verb, the infinitive, gerund, gerundive, supine, and participle. In Book XXXVII of his History, In order to determine to what extent Livy employed classical constructions and wherein he deviated from classical norms, the study has been approached from an historical standpoint, .accordingly, historical ac­counts introduce the citations of Livy's usage, reviewing the nominal forms us used by Livy’s contemporaries, and by writers of an earlier and of a later period* Stolz-Schmalz, Lateinische Grammatik, 5th ed., revised by Leumann and Hofmann, Munich, 1928, has been used as the basis for these accounts. For all usages, excepting the very common classical ones, complete quotations have been given; in the case of the perfect participle in the ablative absolute construction, the examples have been for the most part limited to references Neither quotation nor reference has been made in instances of very common usage, such as the circumstantial participle* At the end of each chapter a resume of Livy's use of the nominal forms has been made. A brief summary concludes the monograph.

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