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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts

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Program Director

Joan Baranow, PhD

First Reader

Chase Clow, PhD

Second Reader

Christian Dean, PhD


Examining the ways that humans derive, cultivate, and encode a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives has always been a concern at the heart of humanities scholarship. In my own journey as an undergraduate and graduate humanities student, this sentiment held true. Through the cross-pollination of my humanities scholarship and my passion for dance led me to the question that guides and structures the project at hand. Specifically I ask: Where is meaning located in the art-making process? To explore this question, I hone in on the processes that guided my own dance-based practice, which exists within the methodological framework of arts-based research. In this essay, I will first give a definition of my craft and of arts-based research, briefly situating the methodology historically and in reference to existing research paradigms. Then I discuss the problem that this project seeks to address, which is namely a lack of focus on public scholarship in the academy. The section to follow delineates my research procedures. In the conclusion I offer my reflections, ultimately averring that meaning in the art-making process is located in acts of spontaneity and deliberation.