Graduation Date


Document Type

Master's Thesis


Emphasis in Creative Writing or Applied Music

Degree Name

Master of Arts

Program Name


Program Director

Joan Baranow, PhD

First Reader

Carlos Rodriguez, MA

Second Reader

Gay Lynch, PhD


This creative project consists of two parts and revisions the 6th century puranic Goddess myth Devī Māhātmya through a critical ecofeminist lens. The first part serves as an introduction into mythology, ecofeminism, and the historical and contextual aspects of the Devī Māhātmya. This academic essay investigates how myths provide humanity with a sense of meaning and belonging. The second part of this project is a creative writing piece and a contemporary revision of the Devī Māhātmya. The aim of this approach is to demonstrate the extent to which myths continue to inform and shape us, with particular regard to the impact such narratives have on women and the natural world. Moreover, this creative project is a call to revisit old stories and find new, more empowering narratives which affirm the intrinsic value of women and the natural world.