The Honors Program curriculum emphasizes enriched learning experiences incorporating service learning, leadership opportunities, multicultural experiences, community-based research, and study abroad. Our close-knit honors student community is rooted in the Dominican pillars of study, reflection, community and service while emphasizing our values as shaped by our Dominican heritage and Californian identity. The work presented here represent the culminating theses of our honors students.


Theses/Capstones from 2018

Cultivating the Whole: The Development of Critical Acuity Through Poetry Programs, Jenae Casalnuovo

These Children Are In Your Classroom: How Teachers Can Integrate Social-Emotional Learning to Support Children who have Adverse Childhood Experiences, Danielle O'Reilly

Theses/Capstones from 2017

Developing and Testing an Ocean Acidification Case Study, Vanessa Mendoza

Effects of Chronic Cadmium Exposure on Antioxidant Capacity in Breast Cancer Cells, Maurice Brady

Investigating the Effects of Decreased pH on the Intertidal Shore Crab, Hemigrapsus nudus, Avni Gandhi


Lacuna: Transcendence of the Human Body through the Space Between, Anica Bottom


Linking Key Factors of Quality Dementia Care: Knowledge and Self-Efficacy, Sophie E. Miller

McCune-Albright Syndrome and Tamoxifen: How Traditional Breast Cancer Medications are Being Used to Treat the Symptoms Associated with Precocious Puberty, Geneva Jump

Misleading Information in Social Media News: How Bias Affects Perceptions, Amber Jackson


Pine Needle Pyrolysis: Bio-waste into Biofuel, Alexandra Fuentes

Psychological and Physiological Ramifications of Inadequate Pain Management for the Pediatric Population: Influences of professional nursing preparation, Genica-Jade Ocampo


Reported Interventions for Reducing Anxiety and Distress in Adult Oncology Patients throughout their Cancer Experience: A Review of the Literature and an Analysis of Adults in Remission, Katie Gomez


Scattered Swirls: Understanding a Fragmented Past Through Embodied Knowledge, Maxine Patronik


Silence on the Endemic Suicides in Lithuania: Background, Causes, and Prospective Solutions, Monika Barta


Sonder: Locating the Unessentialized Self in Movement Practices, Joel Walsham

The Effects of Artificial Shading on Coral Bleaching Due to Thermal Stress on the Endangered Coral Species Orbicella faveolata, Laura Contreras

The Effects of Varying Thermal Stress and Light intensity on the Growth of Orbicella faveolata, Allex L. Llenos

The Efficacy of Narcotic Contracts in Preventing Drug-Seeking Behaviors in Adolescents Experiencing Chronic Pain Related to Sickle Cell Anemia, Haley Russotti


The Relationship Between Parenting Style and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood, Madeline Newman


The Sustainable Future of the Modern Fashion Industry, Zhanna Kutsenkova

Tomorrows Ghosts: Implications of Art, Alisha Ragon

Towards the Synthesis of Eryvarin H, Victor Chan

You Could Say It's on Love, Isabella Rosen

Zoe: Notes from a Millennial, Melanie Carlson