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Senior Thesis


Bachelor of Arts

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Cynthia Taylor, PhD


This paper examines the development and transformation of human rights activism and labor relations that can be attributed to the efforts of several groups and individuals in society through the United Farm Workers Union. Understanding the strategies employed by the groundbreaking activism of Dolores Huerta is critical to comprehending the effectiveness and development of union action and labor relations in addressing the problem of labor exploitation in American society. This paper examines three major texts that have been critical in evaluating the efforts of different individuals and their contribution to the labor and human rights movement of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The texts, albeit written from different perspectives, highlight the challenges, efforts, and strategies faced by labor activists in their push for the corporate world to address and provide reasonable wages for the workers. This paper will provide an overarching comprehensive understanding of the labor movements through the different leaders of the United Farm Workers Union. Furthermore, the paper will focus on primary sources which will increase the validity of the information presented, which is critical to current labor relations. In conclusion, this paper will show the need to further study the concerning government policies and contribution of labor relations despite the effectiveness of the texts in evaluating the labor issues.