Featured Publications

Effective Communication | RebelCast (Effective Communication)

RebelCast is audio series using less formal/academic and more unconventional ways to discuss social issues.

Heritage and History Podcasts (Campus Ministry)

Based on Campus Ministry’s lecture series, “We Come to Tell Our Story,” Heritage and History podcasts share through storytelling the rich heritage of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and others who have nurtured and empowered our university throughout the years.

Honors Global and Multi-cultural Experience 2019 - Arcosanti (Honors Global and Multi-cultural Experiences)

The Spring 2019 Honors Global and Multi-cultural Experience focused on rural communities, alternative thinking in urban design, and living sustainable way with the environment.

Stops included the Blue Sky Center in New Cuyama, California where we learned about the individual needs of rural communities and economic development. From there, we traveled to Arcosanti, Arizona.

Arcosanti, is a living laboratory in alternative urban design. Arcosanti was the vision of architect Paolo Soleri and construction began in the 1970s. The point was to create an experiential learning space to show an alternative to urban sprawl. Visits were also made to Cosanti (Paolo Soleri's home in Scottsdale), The Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree National Park.