No habrá retorno

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No habrá retorno



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Los Libros del Perro


The novel No habrá retorno is a fascinating piece of literature as it traverses time and different geographical spaces. The story takes us from New York to the aquifer systems of the Valley of Mexico, to the indigenous territories, to the harvest season in the south of the country, to explore unprecedented ties, the reliability of memory, and the experience of love. The author's poetic writing style restores a universe cracked by uprooting, weaving plots, and rescuing unique lives from oblivion. The characters in the story, including the photographer Marcey Jacobson, the ghostly presence of Juan de la Cabada, and the outlaws, all leave the imprint of their wandering existences, of their unsubmissive writings. This first novel is full of beauty and horror, depicting the myths embedded in the violence of the present, the indulgence of small acts redeeming human cruelty, the political atmosphere between eras that left a handful of broken utopias, and the implacable landscape imposing its designs. Above all, migration is a prominent theme in the book, as the linguistic and geographical schism has left the characters in that open air where the horizon is misty like dreams, making the idea of living an impossible return for all of them.

- Nadia Villafuerte-


No habrá retorno