La virgen Axchil

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La virgen Axchil


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Ficción Atómica




Embark on a fundamental journey through the world of micro-stories with the anthology Atomic Fiction. This book showcases the great variety and cohesion of the current Mexican literary scene by featuring established and up-and-coming voices, each with their own unique atmospheres, styles, and perspectives. The stories within Atomic Fiction explore a range of topics, from metamorphosis and unknown bacteria to witches, imaginary beings, and urgent social issues like gender violence and isolation during a pandemic. At the heart of this adventure is language, a powerful and concise creature that the authors of Atomic Fiction enchant with their imaginative universes. The result is a collection of micro-stories that expand the dimensions of the known world and transform it in unexpected ways. With its lightning-like bursts and condensation, Atomic Fiction is a living organism that brings together a necessary framework for the genre. Each atom vibrates, collides, and intertwines with the others, creating a powerful and transformative reading experience. Whether you choose to read Atomic Fiction in one sitting or savor it in small doses, the anthology will leave a lasting impact on your vision of the genre and beyond. It widens and electrifies something deep and mysterious within us, forever changing the way we see the world. Immerse yourself in the world of Atomic Fiction and discover a new perspective on the power of language and imagination.

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La virgen Axchil

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