De las buenas costumbres

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De las buenas costumbres


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Ficción Atómica




Fundamental journey through the micro-story, Atomic Fiction presents in perspective the great variety and cohesion of the current Mexican scene throughout its territory. Like the prisms of a kaleidoscope, its pages refract the atmospheres and style stamps that characterize many of the genre's brightest voices, from established to newcomers. Reading immerses us in an ecosystem crossed by metamorphosis, unknown bacteria, parallel dimensions, witches, disturbing fauna and flora, literary classics, plagues, imaginary beings and mythologies; and at the same time it allows us to urgently address issues such as gender violence, social exclusion or isolation in times of pandemic.

The main character in this adventure is language: a very short creature –inexhaustible in literary density– that the authors enchant with senseless strokes, sharp words, genre crossovers and an abundance of imaginative universes. Hence the mystery of his alchemy, his chemical artifice, his electrical charge. Hence the constant feeling of something new, always sharp, unpredictable. Each one of these micro-stories expands the dimensions of the known world and charges its material in an unexpected, powerful and transformative way.

Atomic because of its power, not because of its brevity, this anthology brings together texts such as lightning, bursts, condensation lightning. A living organism rather than a gallery of authors, its atoms collide, intertwine and vibrate, composing a necessary framework for an exciting genre both for its roots and for its expansion.

Reader, this is a warning. It doesn't matter how you choose to go through Atomic Fiction, it doesn't matter if you read it in one sitting or savor it in microscopic sips: at the end, our vision – of the genre and well beyond it – is no longer the same. Something in us, something deep and mysterious, widens, electrifies forever.

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De las buenas costumbres

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