Thesis Title

Understanding the Global Warming Discussion: Climate Change as a Context for Developing Standards-Based Research Skills in Secondary School Students

Graduation Date

Fall 2008

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science

Program Name


Program Director

Madalienne Peters, EdD


Climate change is an area of science that has been studied for many years. The fossil record has taught humankind much about conditions on Earth long prior to our arrival. We now live in a unique time in that our scientific abilities have not only given us a precise age of the planet, but of the universe itself.

Yet there are many things we do not understand, and some of the questions that remain before us may have a significant impact on the quality of our lives in the future. As our current civilization observes an unquestioned period of warming on Earth, the issue of the nature of this change remains a topic of discussion for both scientists and the public at large.

It is important, therefore, for those of us in the educational community to help our students get the best information with which to guide their own thoughts and decisions in a changing world. This paper analyzes educational resources for climate change and applies concepts from these resources to research-focused curriculum for secondary school students.

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