Thesis Title

The Use of Brain-Based Learning to Teach Interpersonal Skills to Adults

Graduation Date

Spring 2008

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science

Program Name


Program Director

Madalienne Peters, EdD


Today’s employers have found that their most successful employees are those who have strong interpersonal skills as well as technical skills. Sources in both the business environment and the academic environment are creating a definition of interpersonal skills and identifying the growing need for these skills. Career and technical career programs are looking at the best way to teach these skills.

Currently, there is an explosive growth of information about how the brain works and how adults learn. The purpose of this study is to look at how the use of brain-based teaching techniques can improve the learning, retention, and application of these interpersonal skills by adults. It seems that brain-based learning can help adults learn the skills needed for the workplace of today and the future.

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