Thesis Title

The Effects of Parent-Child Read Aloud and Comprehension Activities on the Second Grade Students' Comprehension Performance Using the QAR Evaluation Method

Graduation Date

Fall 2008

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science

Program Name


Program Director

Madalienne Peters, EdD


Vygotsky (1978) presented ideas influential to the “constructivist” approach to education. This approach included the “zone of proximal development,” and defined what is essential for student’s development of a higher cognitive ability in order to become self-motivated learners. His theory also directly relates to the research regarding the important role parent’s reading with their children plays on their reading and comprehension ability. The literature review examines theories that discuss the effects of parents and children reading with each other and other variables that may influence success.

This quantitative and qualitative study looks at the effects that parent-child read aloud and comprehension activities have on students’ reading comprehension performance. This case study looks at three volunteer parents and their children, surveyed their current activities, and then introduced the guidelines for the parent volunteers to follow when reading with their children over a three week period. Pre and post-tests were taken to evaluate the students’ performance levels in comprehension. As research suggests, parent involvement plays an important role in a child s literacy development, which is a key to every student’s academic success.

This project will provide information about how specific strategies taught to parents pertaining to reading and comprehension affects the student’s comprehension success.

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