Thesis Title

An Extended Literature Review: The Effect fo Multiple Intelligences on Elementary Student Performance

Graduation Date

Summer 2007

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science

Program Name


Program Director

Madalienne F. Peters, EdD


Multiple Intelligences (MI) curriculum has demonstrated increased student achievement including improved engagement and performance on standardized tests. MI-based instruction also improves student achievement in science. Many educators focus solely on delivering content standards instead of infusing their curriculum with pedagogy that engages students and deepens their understanding of complex concepts. The purpose of this literature review is to explore the effect of MI based curriculum on student achievement in core curriculum at the elementary school level.

The literature reveals several trends such as schools that have implemented MI have successfully increased student achievement in all areas of the core curriculum. The review of the literature addresses the following: (1) Increase in Student Achievement; (2) Multiple Intelligences and Science Education; and (3) MI as a Pedagogical Organizer and Framework for Structuring Curriculum.

The literature review is limited to elementary education. The literature discusses MI-based curriculum in Kindergarten through sixth grade classes with an emphasis on science. Future research should focus on investigating the relationship between MI-based curriculum and student achievement as well as providing specific examples of MI-based lessons. These lessons will help teachers implement MI into a variety of education environments. In conclusion, teachers should be educated in ways to infuse their curriculum with an MI framework to help create authentic learning experiences that will ultimately increase student performance and achievement.

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