Thesis Title

Storytelling as a Teaching Tool: A Workshop for Parents

Graduation Date

Spring 2005

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Document Form


Degree Name

Master of Science

Program Name


Program Director

Madalienne F. Peters, EdD


Storytelling is a tool for parents and educators to support children through the struggles of our rapidly changing world. The mass media, prefabricated stories of the 20th century do not offer children the wealth of benefits that would otherwise be received through the art of oral end literary storytelling. The purpose of this qualitative study is to determine to what extent can a three-hour workshop inspire parents with young children to recognize the value in storytelling and use it as a tool for successful parenting. The literature is organized thematically based on the topics from previous research that are introduced to the parents during the workshop. These topics support the Phenomenon of storytelling. Ideas that arise from the parents during the workshop will also be explored and organized into themes. The participants in this research are female and male parents with young children. The age of the participants range between late-twenties to mid-forties, their ethnicity is European-American.

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