Thesis Title

Examining Strategies for Embedding Literacy Skills Within A Whole Language Program

Graduation Date

Spring 1995

Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Degree Name

Master of Science

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This study examined strategies for embedding literacy skills within a whole language program. Information for this study was obtained from a questionnaire given to whole language elementary school teachers.

The questionnaire was given to full time whole language teachers who teach in kindergarten through second grade classrooms. The questionnaire was composed of twelve questions designed to gather information on how literacy, with an emphasis on skills, is taught in a whole language classroom.

The information gathered from this questionnaire indicated that whole language teachers use many strategies to embed skills within their daily classroom curriculum. Among the most commonly used strategies are guided reading, a teacher modeling of literacy skills, and phonetic spelling program, immersion in a variety of literature resources. Responses also indicated that whole language teachers emphasize meeting individual students' needs instead of teaching the same skills to all students.

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