Thesis Title

Positive Academic and Affective Student Outcomes at a Small School for At-Risk Adolescents Through Ongoing Teacher Consultation with a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor

Graduation Date

Spring 1994

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Document Form


Degree Name

Master of Science

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This study explores one school for at-risk students wherein teachers worked weekly with a therapist. Positive student outcomes garnered through this educational and therapeutic process are examined. Students, teachers, school counselor and the principal were interviewed about their perceptions of the success of this process. The process itself and outcomes were explored through individual and group interviews. Attitudes indicated that the process was helpful for assuring that teachers were prepared to address the varied academic and affective needs of the student body. Results of the survey were discussed with volunteers from each group. Participants gained an understanding of an "ideal" school as a result of these discussions.

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