Thesis Title

The Effectiveness of Cross-Age Tutoring in Improving Academic Performance and Student Activities

Graduation Date

Spring 1999

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Document Form


Degree Name

Master of Science

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This paper examines a form of tutoring called cross-age tutoring. Unlike peer tutoring, where students of the same age are paired together for tutoring purposes, in cross-age tutoring, the tutor is older than the tutee. This paper describes a cross-age tutoring program established using fifth grade tutors and second grade tutees. The purpose of the implemented program was to improve academic achievement for the younger students in the area of language arts. Student interviews and samples of student work determined that the tutees improved in both reading and writing, and, that the majority of the students enjoyed participating in the program. Discussed in this paper are the social and emotional benefits of tutoring for the tutors and tutees, the importance of pairing students, and many ideas for training tutors. A description and analysis of several existing cross-age tutoring programs is included.

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