Thesis Title

College Preparatory Mathematics: Student Achievemnet in a Nontraditional Algebra Program

Graduation Date

Summer 1998

Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Degree Name

Master of Science

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This study took place in a predominantly white, upper middle class neighborhood in Northern California. The population of the study was approximately 250 students in their freshman and sophomore year of high school. The purpose of the study was to take a look at an alternative algebra approach, College Preparatory Mathematics, Change From Within (CPM).The study compares students in CPM algebra to those in a class utilizing a traditional text. Comparisons were made on two levels; the first, all students were tested near the end of the year and the second, students were surveyed about their confidence in algebra (only those students who had permission were surveyed). The results show that CPM students scored slightly higher on the test and in confidence levels.

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