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Master's Thesis


Master of Science



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Jennifer Lucko, PhD

First Reader

Matthew E. Davis, PhD

Second Reader

Diara Spain, PhD


Implementing neurophysiological research-based strategies into the lives of culturally-linguistically diverse high school students can better help them strengthen essential neural learning and memory connection in their brain (Griffin, 2017; Choudhury et al., 2008). However, a research-to-practice gap, results in the lack of implementation of university-level research among high school students and families that may aid in their academic success and emotional wellbeing (King et al., 2018; Moir 2018). This study aimed to explore the strategies and challenges of implementing neurophysiological strategies by analyzing a group of twenty-one students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and three parents in Northern California. A mixed-methods design analyzed qualitative data from student focus groups and parent interviews as well as quantitative data from Likert scale surveys. The data showed that both high school students and parents understand the importance of implementing neurophysiological strategies despite any linguistic or cultural differences. However, barriers to implementation were presented, such as a presumed influential “ghost majority” composed of disinterested individuals as well as a need for increased access and education regarding these strategies. By allowing students to develop personal responsibility over the research topics and strategies as well as encouraging peer-to-peer communication between the students and their families during the implementation and presentation of information, students and parents were enabled to provide solutions to these barriers. With the school fueling connections between students, parents, school staff, and the neurophysiological research, educational institutions can become houses of learning and research implementation for entire communities, despite cultural or linguistic differences.

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