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Master's Thesis


Master of Science



Program Director

Jennifer Lucko, PhD

First Reader

Matthew Davis, PhD

Second Reader

Elizabeth Truesdale, EdD


This project stemmed from the researcher’s feeling stress as a new teacher and the need for self-care. The study is contextualized and the theoretical frameworks include meditation and mindfulness. (Venditti et al., 2020). Teaching is a stressful profession and many teachers experience daily stresses that can often lead to teacher burnout. When teachers are stressed, their ability to effectively teach and connect with students is diminished. This is further exacerbated by the fact that educators are teaching through the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Meditation and mindfulness are universal and free tools that educators can use to decrease stress and increase joy in their own lives.

This study used a mixed methods approach to the study in a group setting with 8 educational professionals who met weekly for 6 weeks. The findings of this research indicate a universal sense that these educators are feeling lonely and seeking community, that there are high levels of criticism around meditation and self-care, and that the impact of participants in group mediation resulted in participants engaging in activities beyond the core practice of the group. This has important implications for time and resources for teachers to gather and for community practices that focus on meditation or other self-care practices.

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