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Master's Thesis


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Jennifer Lucko, PhD

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Jennifer Lucko, PhD

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Maggie Murphy, EdD


Teachers are dropping out of the profession at an alarming rate. Part of this nationwide issue starts with the semester of student teaching. This is a 15-week period of time where full-time students take on the task of full-time teaching without any of the financial benefits. On top of that, the classes they have taken through their universities do not always reflect the classroom realities of working as a teacher. The purpose of this study is to discover what factors help create a positive student teaching experience for the student teacher, the student teaching advisor, and the host teacher. Participants in this study include current teachers, incoming student teachers, student teaching advisors, and current or former host teachers as well as 100 anonymous online survey respondents. The findings of this study have several implications for improving the student teaching experience, and because there have not been many academic studies on creating a successful student teaching experience, this research has the potential to reform how host teachers and student teachers enter the student teaching semester. Student teachers around the world are experiencing similar positives and negatives when it comes to student teaching. To improve student teaching, this study concluded: 1.) Clear expectations should be set by the student teaching advisor, student teaching, and host teacher, 2.) The host teacher needs to take on an active role as not just a host, but also a mentor for the student teacher, and 3.) All three parties need to take individual steps to prepare for the student teaching semester. Our future teachers will enter live classrooms with more confidence in their teaching abilities.

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