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Master's Thesis


Master of Science



Program Director

Jennifer Lucko, PhD

First Reader

Matthew E. Davis, PhD

Second Reader

Emily Wu, PhD


Many strides have been made in addressing equity, diversity and social justice in the field of education. However there has remained a gap in the representation of the voices of Teachers of Color. Current literature reveals that there is underlying systemic racism deterring People of Color from pursuing a career in education for a variety of reasons including social, financial, racial and political barriers. Applying Critical Race Theory, critical studies of Whiteness and Microaggressions this study analyzes the experiences of Teachers of Color through their educational career. This research uses a qualitative methods approach with an emphasis on a constructivist worldview, and interviews with Teachers of Color were conducted across three campuses. Through the process of analyzing and interpreting the experiences of Teachers of Color, the findings emerged as a process of naming shared experiences; being Dismissed, Silenced, Censored, and becoming Exhausted in a Colorblind Workplace. Collectively, these findings can be used as a tool to further conversations concerning what deters People of Color from the field of education. This study proposes that in order to combat the lack of Teachers of Color, we need to talk and educate all stakeholders about their experiences

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