Thesis Title

Inside Wine Country

Graduation Date


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Writing Track



Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Program Director

Judy Halebsky, PhD

First Reader

Thomas Burke, MFA

Second Reader

Joan Baranow, PhD


Inside Wine Country, debut novel of Kathleen Chance, will situate you in the early nineties in an upscale enclave of Northern California, whose inhabitants pursue the “wine country lifestyle” with passion and perfectionism. Beautiful homes, fine wines, elegant parties, raising perfect children—Carla and Patrick Malloy are caught up in it all, family histories of alcoholism left tidily in the past as if carpeted over by an immaculately tended vineyard. Unexpectedly, the root of addiction springs forth in their young adult son, Keith, which sets off the unraveling of their idyllic life. In seeking a path forward, each comes under influences both outside and internal: temptation, jealousy, recovery, relapse, ultimately leading to newfound terroir for all as this upper middle class family attempts to reconcile a utopian fantasy with their own reality.

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