Thesis Title

A Collection of My Work

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Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Program Director

Judy Halebsky, PhD

First Reader

Robert Bradford, MA

Second Reader

Joan Baranow, PhD


The following writing is representational of work created in the past two years. The essays included are very special to me as I often chose to compare or describe things, writers or situations that are not usually thought of in those chosen combinations.

During my time at Dominican, I discovered Adelaide Crapsey, who invented the poetic form of the Cinquain. I found it a challenge to master the form; I have included forty-eight of my attempts – good, bad and excellent – along with a short introduction to Adelaide and her work.

After the Cinquains and four essays, I present an analysis of an original poem entitled, “The Maiden and the Horse or How the Horse got its Boots”, a poem written in blank verse. The analysis was presented at a week-long intensive at Dominican in January 2022.

After the analysis of the poem, I present a copy of a workshop given at Dominican in October of 2021, entitled “The Iambic Heart”, discussing various applications of iambic meter for various styles of writing. I felt it was an important workshop for awareness of meter, as iambic meter closely resembles the beat of the human heart. I thought it was particularly important for those writers studying a medical tract application in writing, which I am not.

I close with favorite poems written in free verse just to show that, even though I compose much poetry adhering closely to traditional form, I can and do write in free verse.

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