Graduation Date


Document Type

Master's Thesis


Master of Science


Counseling Psychology

Program Director

Robin Gayle, PhD, MFT

First Reader

Carlos Molina, EdD, LMFT

Second Reader

Mary Jane Landolina, LMFT


This toolkit was created to help shed light on the impact a stressful high school environment can have on today’s youth, and provide teachers, students, and parents with up-to-date information on what resources are available within the county of Marin. When working with adolescents, it is important to consider environmental threats to their mental health (i.e., lack of sleep) in order to make proper referrals and treatment plans. A study done by Kelley, Lockley, Kelley, & Evans (2017) implemented a 10:00 a.m. start time at an urban school in England. By delaying school start times, Kelley et al., found that absences related to illness were reduced by 50 percent compared to national rates. In general, school systems in the United States are not currently structured to ensure students can function at their maximum potential, and their academics, health, and relationships are deteriorating as a result. More importantly, suicide is becoming more prevalent in high schools within the United States, which means prevention programs need to be reevaluated or implemented to help Marin youth cope with academic and social stress. This guide will provide the community with psychoeducation on depression and anxiety; potential risk factors, how to help, and what treatment options are available.