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I was always skeptical of The Warren Report as were countless other Americans over the decades.

I was reenergized to look more closely at November 22,1963, by a chance encounter with Brian heath, a JFK aficionado, who had made some startling discoveries about the assassination. He had studied meticulously the Nix film and concluded that the fatal shot came from within the presidential limousine from the driver, William Greer. Similarly, that many of JFK’s cabinet members consisted of former OSS spooks, who dominated the CIA, and were major spokesman for the national security state and America’s global dominance.

They saw JFK’s rapprochement with Khrushchev after the Cuban missile crisis a threat to their world view. Vietnam was the breaking point as they saw in his policy of gradual withdrawal, the fall Ho Chi Minh City, as heralding the collapse of all of southeast Asia to the Chinese, described as the domino theory. Ironically, the latter never occurred.

Plot to Kill the President, is our answer to keeping alive the idealism of the new frontier and the coup d’état that transpired. Recent events around January 6 under Trump show how fragile democracy and its institutions are. These weaknesses were apparent during the JFK’s period when there rose a groundswell of powerful forces that called for his removal and dramatically altered the trajectory of American history.

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Plot to Kill the President: A Novel