Thesis Title

A National Survey on Art Therapists Beliefs Regarding Optimal Duration of Treatment with Specific Popualtions

Graduation Date

Spring 1997

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Document Form


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Degree Granting Institution

Notre Dame de Namur University

Program Name

Art Therapy


The primary purpose of this research was to establish what therapists, art therapist in particular, deemed as the optimum duration of therapy for certain populations. A random survey was conducted. Therapists were asked what theories they studied, practiced, believed to be the most beneficial, and personally preferred. In addition they were queried on their opinions regarding whether long- or short-term therapy was preferable for the populations with which they worked.

Also of interest are the recent changes in medical coverage, specifically managed care and HMOs. and their impact on therapists’ ability to treat clients beneficially within their prescribed time standards.

This information is pertinent: as health care professionals we need to provide our clients with the best services while working within the limited insurance coverage available.

The results of this survey show that the majority of therapists, specifically art therapist prefer long-term therapy to short-term therapy in almost all areas. Those populations that had short-term therapy prescribed were those that are characteristically short-term areas for art therapy; i.e., crisis intervention. The majority of respondents were educated and lived on the east coast The respondents were also overwhelmingly female which reflects the present ratio that exists in me field of art therapy.