Thesis Title

Yoga, Flow and Art Therapy: An Investigation Into Yoga's Effects on the Creative Process

Graduation Date

Fall 2018

Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Degree Granting Institution

Notre Dame de Namur University

Program Name

Art Therapy


Caryl Hodges, EdD

First Reader

Jennifer Myers Harrison, PsyD, ATR-BC, DAAETS

Second Reader

Amy Backos, PhD, ATR-BC


Creativity is perhaps the most important factor contributing to human happiness and adaptation, and yet there is little known about initiating and maintaining creative states commonly referred to as flow. In a time of global population expansion, economic uncertainty and political chaos, the challenges we currently face are without precedent. Creativity is implicated in workplace success, healthy psychological functioning, and the maintenance of healthy interpersonal relationships (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). Psychologists, medical doctors and researchers are beginning to recognize the healing power of creative flow and understand its ability to advance the field of psychology and improve people’s lives. This research is an investigation into the mind-body connection through a practice of Hatha Yoga and its impact on the creative process. This study purposes to evaluate the efficacy of integrating a practice of Hatha Yoga with positive psychology, mindfulness, and art therapy directives into an intervention to beneficially influence the creative process and increase overall well-being in adults.