This is a collection of scholarship from the Art, Art History and Design faculty of Dominican University of California


Submissions from 2016


Global Medievalism: From Model Books to Manga, Leslie D. Ross

Submissions from 2015


Place Matters: Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California as Site and Insight, Leslie D. Ross


The Labyrinth as Heart and Holder of Personal Pilgrimage, Cindy Pavlinac

Submissions from 2013

Open Space Sacred Ground: Artist Talk, Foad Satterfield

Submissions from 2012


Transformative Leadership, Maureen Garvin, Chuck Marsh, Clint Samples, Mark Schatz, Kim Sloane, Lynn Sondag, Mary Stewart, Adam Trowbridge, and Jessica Westbrook

Submissions from 2007


Patterns of Life: Integrating Mathematics with Science, Culture, and Art, Dian Calkins, James B. Cunningham, Foad Satterfield, Mietek Kolipinski, and Sibdas Ghosh