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Fall 2020


Undocumented immigrants didn't have a voice in this past election(or any U.S. election). I’ve noticed that many around my age, who have any undocumented family members, don’t vote. I wanted to try to convince these people to vote with having the undocumented in mind, so the undocumented could at least have a voice through others. Hence the tagline of: “Vote for the silenced”. I added the Day of the Dead elements(papel picado and painted skull) because it’s when I honor my ancestors. My ancestors weren’t really welcomed in the United States and I've heard the same story from other people. The stars in the background represent my ancestors and the stars on this country's flag; the stars are used to create a sense of hope and reflection. Our latino ancestors couldn’t do anything to change their new home, but we can change the future for the undocumented people with one vote.


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