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California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Conference


Sacramento, CA

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Archbishop Alemany Library


For our poster presentation, we wanted to highlight the success of our renovated reading room and the addition of a leisure reading collection in an academic library. One of the goals of our library strategic plan is to improve service to our community and to change the philosophical perception of our library so the students would have an inviting place to satisfy both heir educational and entertainment needs. Our drab 1960’s style reading room was the ideal location to refurbish and to locate our new leisure reading collection of books and magazines. To provide a pleasant environment for the students to relax and browse, we updated the room with new carpeting, shelving, tables, chairs and ottomans. We then began adding a collection of popular books and magazine which is kept up-to-date with new purchases and ongoing weeding of the collection. The collection is more than a couple of books shelved in a back corner and is visible to students upon entering the library. Our primary goals are to increase the reading among students and improve their college experience. So far it is successful and continues to flourish as demonstrated by our continuously improving statistics. As pictured in our poster, this project is a collaborative effort and we ask the community for both book and magazine suggestions. To publicize the reading room, we have used both traditional marketing methods and are also implementing social networking with facebook page, posting new books to our blog, and adding the collection to Library Thing which is listed on our library homepage. Overall, our project has been well-received on campus with good circulation and student usage of the reading room for browsing, reading and studying.


Presented at the California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Conference, Sacramento, CA